Henderson Opticians are independent. That means we can choose from any spectacle lens available to match your individual needs and budget. The combination of our advice and the choice of the right lens can make your spectacles look and perform better than ever.

Anti Reflection - Clearer Vision, Improved Looks

Each layer is calculated to block reflected light. This results in a reduction of glare, annoying reflections and halos around lights. This is a great safety benefit when driving at night. 

Hard Coating - Added Resistance

Dramatically improves the scratch resistance of plastic spectacle lenses. It does not make them scratch proof, just far less scratch-able than standard lenses. 

Photocromic - Adaptive to Surroundings 

Change colour with the sun. A great compromise for people who don't want both clear spectacles and sunglasses. They do offer complete UV protection and are available in grey, brown and graphite green.

Polarising - Great For Outdoors

Ideal choice for driving, water sports and skiing offering complete UV protection, with the added bonus of eliminating disabling reflected glare. Available in grey, brown and also a photochromic combination. 

Bifocal - Improve Reading

The power of two lenses; one for distance and one for near. The lower half contains a near segment for reading and close up tasks. The other half normally has distance correction. They may make objects at your feet appear blurry unless you remember to tilt your head down. They may also not suit computer users as you will need to raise your head to see the screen. 

Varifocal/Progressive - Improved Reading, Graduated Lens

The ability to see all distances, including at arms length, for computer use and close up reading. Holding the head straight ahead to see distance and move your eyes slightly down to view your computer through the intermediate zone and lower your gaze a bit further to read comfortably up close. When you first start wearing the lenses you may notice a soft blur in the peripherals. This should go after a couple weeks of wear.   

Prescription Reading - Clarity When Reading, Made For You

The centre of the lenses will be put accurately at the distance between your eyes when you are reading, so that you’re looking as close through the centre of the lens as you can. Accurate correction for both eyes will be made as there is usually a difference between the prescription in each eye. 

Ready Reading - Easy Reading

Standard ready reading spectacles in powers 1,1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 usually do the job and can be bought cheaply over the counter of many shops. These should be worn in addition to a good pair of optically correct prescription spectacles as they will not be made to match your prescription perfectly.