Contact Lenses

Once we have decided what type of lens suits your prescription and your needs the next stage is to undertake a trial period with the chosen contact lenses. This will give you an idea of what it is like to have contact lenses in your eyes.

If you decide not to go ahead after the trial assessment, no charge will be made apart from that of any necessary initial eye examinations undertaken.

We will teach you how to handle the lenses. This involves inserting and removing the lenses from your eyes and, where required, instructions on how to clean and look after them. Once you are competent and confident with the handling you can start to build up your wearing time gradually.

We will give you a supply of initial diagnostic lenses, usually a ten day supply. In addition we will talk about wearing time schedules and basic pointers and tips towards wearing and caring for your lenses. After this initial diagnostic period you’ll come back in wearing your lenses so that we can asses how things are going and at this stage we can tweak the lenses to obtain optimum performance and assess how you’re doing.

Following this trial period if you decide to proceed with lenses your first supply of lenses will be ordered. Usually this will be a month supply of lenses in daily disposables or three months supply in two weekly or monthly disposables. Normally following the initial trial period we will follow you up after one month, three months and six months, usually more rather than less.