Why Are Eye Examinations Important?

An eye examination is very important not only to see whether you may need to wear glasses but also to see if there has been any changes in your current prescription which would also mean you needed to change your glasses.

By having regular eye tests it means early signs of diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma can be spotted before you even are aware of any given symptoms.

For the average person an eye examination should be carried out every two years however, if you are a child wearing glasses, have diabetes, are over 40 with a family history of glaucoma or are over 70 a more frequent eye test is recommended.

So what does the eye test consist of?

A typical eye test will involve examining you eyes and the area around them to look for any abnormalities. Before the test begins you will be asked to briefly talk about your medical and vision history, once this is done the test will begin. In total the test should take around 30 minutes and consists of up to 12 different examinations of your eyes.

After having an eye examination your results will be discussed. You may find that there is little change in your eyes or you don't need glasses. You could also have a change in your prescription that would mean needing glasses or a change in your lenses or you may need further investigation.

If you are in need of glasses or a new pair you will then have an appointment; most often this can take place after your examination to pick out a pair with a dispensing optician. This is the person who will help find a pair that suits you and fits your needs but also the person who will make and fit your glasses so they are comfortable to wear.